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Our seasoned team is dedicated to keeping our clients well-informed and compliant with the dynamic regulatory landscape, spanning both domestic and international financial regulations. With a strong focus on precision and expertise, we navigate the complexities of financial transactions, offering specialized guidance in structured finance, project finance, syndicated lending, and securitization.

We provide comprehensive advisory services, covering a wide spectrum from equity and debt offerings to corporate governance and restructuring. Our adept team is skilled in both litigation and non-litigation dispute resolution, utilizing methods such as arbitration and mediation to effectively manage and resolve conflicts. Embracing the future, we specialize in navigating the legal implications of fintech innovations, ranging from blockchain and cryptocurrencies to cutting-edge online banking solutions. At T&P, we are committed to ensuring our clients stay ahead in the ever-evolving financial landscape, providing tailored legal solutions that align with their business goals.

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We specializes in providing expert legal counsel in the dynamic field of competition and antitrust law. Our attorneys are adept at defending clients against allegations of cartel activities, including price-fixing, market allocation, and bid-rigging, in rigorous Cartel Investigations. Furthermore, we prioritize proactive risk management, crafting and implementing tailored antitrust compliance programs to align with our clients' business models and industry needs.

We address Market Dominance concerns, and provide strategic advice on issues such as abuse of dominance, encompassing predatory pricing, exclusive dealing, and refusal to supply. In matters of Litigation and Dispute Resolution, our firm is well-equipped to represent clients in antitrust disputes before courts and competition authorities, offering comprehensive services including appeals, judicial reviews, and damages actions. (17).png


We offer expert advice on Business Formation and Structuring, guiding clients through the selection of optimal legal structures, including corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies, to lay a solid foundation for new ventures. Our firm provides end-to-end legal support. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), From meticulous due diligence to strategic structuring, negotiation, documentation, and closing, we navigate clients seamlessly through complex transactions.

Ensuring robust Corporate Governance, we assist clients in developing effective governance structures, compliance programs, and best practices to manage operational risk. Our experienced team also specializes in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating a wide array of commercial contracts, safeguarding our clients' interests in agreements such as supply contracts, service agreements, and joint ventures.

Recognizing the significance of Intellectual Property Protection, we guide clients through the intricate process of safeguarding, licensing, and enforcing their intellectual property rights. Our goal is to empower businesses to protect and monetize their innovations effectively. In matters of Dispute Resolution, we represent clients in commercial disputes with a focus on achieving favorable outcomes. (18).png


We specialize in corporate governance, offering strategic counsel in Board Structure, Compliance, Shareholder Relations, and Risk Management. Our seasoned team guides clients on effective board practices, regulatory adherence, shareholder communication, and risk mitigation. We provide tailored advice on executive compensation aligned with company goals and legal standards.


Additionally, our expertise extends to ethics, corporate responsibility programs, and Crisis Management, ensuring clients are prepared to plan against challenges and maintain stakeholder trust. Committed to excellence, we offer concise and effective legal solutions to uphold strong corporate governance and ethical standards for sustainable business success. (20).png


Dispute Resolution and Arbitration practice stands as a cornerstone, providing clients with strategic legal solutions to navigate conflicts effectively. Specializing in both litigation and non-litigation dispute resolution, our experienced team offers comprehensive services, including arbitration and mediation, fostering efficient and favorable outcomes.

We pride ourselves on representing clients before courts and arbitration panels, utilizing a nuanced approach to protect their interests and resolve disputes. Our firm combines legal expertise with a focus on preserving relationships, ensuring our clients receive diligent representation in every stage of dispute resolution. Whether through negotiations, arbitration proceedings, or strategic litigation, we are dedicated to achieving optimal results and maintaining our clients' trust in our ability to resolve complex legal challenges. (21).png


We offer comprehensive legal expertise in the energy sector, spanning traditional fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and the dynamic field of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. We assist clients while navigating regulatory compliance, project financing, environmental impact assessments, and dispute resolution, fostering sustainable energy development while minimizing risks.


Additionally, our Infrastructure Development specialists excel in guiding major projects, providing counsel on project finance, public-private partnerships (PPPs), procurement, and contract negotiation. We collaborate with engineers, financiers, and government officials to ensure the efficient and sustainable development of vital infrastructure, including transportation networks, utilities, and telecommunications systems. In the realm of Natural Resources and Environmental Law, our practice covers a spectrum of legal services related to the extraction, use, and management of natural resources. From advising on mineral and water rights to environmental protection and compliance, we assist clients in responsibly managing resources, facilitating legal compliance, and promoting sustainable practices. (23).png


Our seasoned team excels in employment law, offering guidance on contracts, non-compete agreements, workplace policies, and compliance with federal and state regulations. In labor relations, we provide strategic counsel on union matters, collective bargaining, and dispute resolution, fostering positive labor relations while ensuring legal compliance.


Our firm brings advice designed for employee benefits and compensation planning, assisting clients in designing and implementing plans that attract and retain top talent while ensuring regulatory compliance. Whether you're an employer seeking HR guidance, an employee facing challenges, or a business optimizing benefits, we provide proactive legal support aligned with your business objectives in this ever-evolving legal landscape. (22).png


With expertise in Estate Planning, we craft personalized plans encompassing wills, trusts, and strategic asset distribution to ensure a seamless transfer of wealth for future generations. Our proficiency extends to Trust Formation and Administration, offering strategic guidance for tax efficiency, asset protection, and family goals. 


Our Private Client Services focus on understanding the intricacies of our clients' financial situations, providing tailored solutions for wealth preservation and succession planning. Legacy Planning goes beyond financial considerations, addressing family values and charitable goals for a lasting impact. Whether you are seeking to plan your estate, establish a trust, or address private client needs, our firm offers comprehensive legal support, staying ahead of legal developments to provide proactive advice aligned with your long-term objectives. (24).png


Our dedicated team provides expert legal counsel, specializing in protecting and managing intellectual assets for individuals and businesses. From patent and trademark registration to copyright protection, our comprehensive services ensure the safeguarding of creative and innovative endeavors. We excel in guiding clients through the complexities of IP, offering strategic counsel on licensing agreements, enforcement actions, and litigation when disputes arise. We focus on safeguarding and managing intellectual assets for individuals and businesses alike. (25).png


In the face of financial challenges, we provide strategic legal counsel to guide businesses through corporate restructuring, optimizing their structures for sustainable success. Our experienced attorneys adeptly handle insolvency proceedings, including bankruptcy and liquidation, ensuring fair resolutions that align with applicable laws.


In crisis situations, our team offers strategic management services, assessing risks and implementing effective strategies to mitigate financial and legal challenges. Additionally, we excel in debt recovery and negotiation, facilitating agreements that align with clients' financial objectives. With a commitment to legal compliance and risk mitigation, we proactively advise clients, providing support amidst the restructuring and insolvency. (26).png


With a keen focus on safeguarding our clients' interests, we excel in providing expert legal counsel across diverse security-related matters. Our experienced attorneys navigate the complexities of litigation, representing clients in legal disputes with precision and strategic acumen.


Whether it's enforcement actions, regulatory compliance, or dispute resolution, our firm is dedicated to ensuring our clients' rights are vigorously defended. From corporate security measures to handling litigation challenges, we stand as a reliable legal partner committed to delivering effective and comprehensive solutions. (27).png


Recognizing the critical importance of a sustainable future, our legal team works on the complex landscape of environmental law. We offer comprehensive services addressing a spectrum of environmental issues, from pollution control and conservation to renewable energy initiatives.

Our lawyers cater to clients in achieving environmental compliance and stewardship. Whether guiding businesses through regulatory frameworks, navigating permitting processes, or representing clients in environmental litigation, we prioritize the protection and preservation of our planet's ecosystems.

We are passionate advocates for the environment. Our firm actively engages in fostering responsible corporate practices, supporting conservation initiatives, and contributing to the global effort for a greener, more sustainable world.



In the ever-evolving tech sphere, we offer incredible counsel and ensure intellectual property protection, data privacy compliance, and facilitating smooth licensing agreements. For the media landscape, our seasoned attorneys provide strategic guidance on entertainment law, copyright protection, and tailored contractual negotiations.


In the telecommunications arena, we adeptly tread through regulatory complexities, offering counsel on spectrum licensing, infrastructure development, and contractual nuances. We move along with conventional legal support, positioning ourselves as innovation partners for startups, media professionals, and telecommunications providers. (29).png


Our specialized legal team combines extensive experience with an in-depth understanding of the complexities surrounding financial crimes and regulatory challenges. We diligently represent individuals and corporations facing allegations of white-collar offenses, such as securities fraud, bribery, and corporate misconduct.


Our approach involves meticulous case analysis, strategic defense planning, and an unwavering commitment to protecting our clients' interests. We recognize the intricate nature of white-collar cases and the potential impact on personal and professional lives. Our attorneys work collaboratively to build robust defense strategies tailored to each client's unique situation. (30).png
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